The Winery

Assaf produces quality wines since 1997 and grows vineyard since 1990. Today, the winery produces 55,000 bottles every year. Assaf wines are made of the family vineyards, grown and harvested by hand, by the Kedem family and friends.

The wines are aged in the winery barrel room in French and American oak barrels between 6 and 24 months, then bottled and aged in the winery aging rooms. Assaf wines are personally produced by hand from harvesting to packaging. The process is carefully monitored from the vine to the wineglass. 


The Kedem family creates wine with love and joy for many years and is well recognized for the special blend of tastes and aromas. The close connection between the winemakers and the vineyards, the special Golan terroir, the climate, the basalt soil, the water, the flora and fauna and on top of all, the people, all play a role in the creation of Assaf wines.


The winery visitor's center was built on the remains of historic Syrian basalt building that was expanded and renovated by the family. It includes an intimate tasting room and a private VIP room for groups. One of the family members will guide the wine tasting offering a variety of wines with professional explanations, the story of the family and the establishment of the village. The winery courtyard is spacious, tempting to sit with a glass of wine, under the eucalyptus trees, facing the open and infinite landscape, and enjoy the exceptional tranquility of the Golan Heights.

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On Route 91, opening a gate to the Golan Heights, the Kedem Family established an agricultural tourism project (agriturisimo) and a Wine Village with a Winery in its heart.

Hadasa, Assaf and their 4 children – Adi, Oren Shachar and Tomer resides in Kidmat Tzvi in the center of the Golan since 1990. On their family estate they grow pears, apples and vineyards. 

In 1998 Assaf begun to produce wine with the family vineyards grapes. He established his first winery, Bazelet Hagolan and then the family winery. In 2012 Assaf and the family started to build the wine village near Ein Naaran Spring, an ancient Circassian village in the center of the Golan.



In our family wine village, we have built the winery, containers and barrels room, visitors center, tasting room, boutique guest cabins and the village coffee house enriching the total wine experience with Chef Adi's fine culinary creations.


All members of the Kedem family take active part in the village from day one and continue to build and develop it still today. Assaf and Oren, father and son, winemakers and winegrowers, combine traditional qualities of winemaking with new and innovative ones. Hadasa, the mother, manages customer relations and group excursions. Adi, the winery chef, runs Adika, the coffee place offering a special menu of fine fresh local foods to complete the total wine experience.


Karen manages the guest cabins and the visitors center. Shachar leads al constructions and branding and Tomer is the marketing expert selling Assaf wine in the center of Israel. During harvest season all members of family are back to being farmers and with friends and wine lovers harvest the estate vineyards by hand.



Assaf and Oren, father and son, create wine together for over 10 years.

Assaf learned the theory and practice of winemaking from Peter Silverberg, a graduate of the Davis Institute of California. He studied at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and completed a wine lab training at THE STANDARD INSTITUTION OF ISRAEL. At Tel Hai College, he studied chemistry and food engineering. Later, he studied and trained in wineries in South Africa. Today, as our master winemaker, he consults to other wineries spreading his extensive knowledge and training.


Oren, the second child, was a teenager when Assaf was first in wine and grew into this world. Oren worked and studied winemaking in California’s Sonoma Valley in the well-known Michel-Schlumberger vineyard. Later, he studied oenology at Ohalo College in the Golan, a branch of CFPPA College in France. In addition to his formal studies, he has learned the intricacies of winemaking from his father, Assaf. Today, Oren works closely with Assaf, continues to master the art of winemaking and create innovative wines every year. 


Together Assaf and Oren, bring traditional and new qualities of winemaking to the family winery adding to its exclusivity.

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Our 15 acres vineyards are planted near the winery and are personally attend by Assaf since 1990. The Golan Heights offers special growing environment with optimal combination of soil, climate and altitude. The mineral reach soil, basalt terroir and cold Golan climate gives the family vineyards distinct character and taste as well as fine quality. 


We grow a variety of grapes, Zinfandel, Shiraz, Pinotage, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Gris, Chenin and Sauvignon Blanc. The land offers different growth conditions for each plot, with changing levels of basalt soil, heights of 500-890 meters above sea level and a variety of agricultural crops around – all play a role in the life of the grape and the development of the wine.

A selected plot of Cabernet Sauvignon Grand Reserve, the only one afar from the winery, grows at 890 meter above sea level on a MOISE basalt soil where a Syrian village in that name once stood. The special edition wine series carries the soil name MOISE. 


The Golan Heights offers great conditioned to grow vineyards - Basalt soil that hampers the vine and praises its products, along with a unique climate and the height of the entire plateau. It is a fertile agricultural environment not only for winegrowers and winemakers. The 1200 square meters of the Golan Heights land offers much more from field crops in the southern plateau through orchards, deciduous orchards and wine vineyards, to grazing areas for sheep and cattle. Many of the residents of the Golan make their living from agriculture, a prominent and developing field, led by innovation.


את כרמי המשפחה אנחנו מקפידים לבצור מדי שנה בבציר ידני בלבד. הטיפול המסור שהן מוזנות בו משך השנה מסתיים בחוויה אינטימית ובקרבה גדולה בין הגפנים לבין בני המשפחה, עובדי היקב, חברים ואוהבי יין או עבודת כפיים, כולם מצטרפים לחווית בוקר שקטה שמכריזה על תחילתו של תהליך ייצור היין.

 פרויקט בציר חברים

לפני 8 שנים התחלנו מסורת חברים שהפכה עם הזמן למפעל חקלאי תרבותי מרגש עבורנו. מדי שנה בעונת הבציר מצטרפים לבני משפחת קדם חברים קרובים ומשפחה, אוהבי יין ומתנדבים נוספים רבים המרחיקים עד צפון רמת הגולן לתת יד בבציר הידני ובעשיית היינות של יקב אסף. חווית הבציר היא דבר יוצא דופן בשלוותו, הקרבה לכרם ולענבים, קרירות הבוקר והחום הגדול של אמצע היום, כולם מיצרים חוויה ייחודית בפרוייקט הבציר העברי ביקב אסף. בעונת הבציר נפגשת קבוצת הבוצרים המתנדבים בערב שישי לסיור מקצועי ביקב, הסברים על תהליך הייצור וארוחה סביב המדורה בחצר היקב. לפנות בוקר יוצאים כולם לאחת מחלקות הכרם של המשפחה ובוצרים את כולה אט אט. 


בסיום הבציר חוזרים ליקב לארוחת בוקר מסכמת של אמא הדסה ולפני החזרה למציאות, מקבלים חולצת בציר ובקבוק יין, נפרדים בתודה גדולה ומחכים כבר לבציר הבא...

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