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zipAs the father of two sons, I felt the call of the desert and I headed out for the Southwest on a high-desert, low-tourist and breathtakingly beautiful experience. After four days of solitude and exploring, I arrived in the Arizona desert to see one of the most incredible sunsets I have ever witnessed. Of course, it was surreal and amazing. But I wanted to do more. I wanted to wake up to this view every day and run with it. So, I returned to the desert every evening. On this next trek, the stars aligned and the weather was perfect. When the sun goes down, I head to the desert. When the rain comes, I go back home. “I simply enjoy observing the relationship between the sun and the sky when the natural world takes over the desert,” says A. J. Balou, a native of NYC, who is currently a freelance filmmaker, photographer and designer. This trek in the Arizona desert was only part one of Balou’s quest. The second part of his high-desert trek began in the California desert. While trekking on the Huachuca Plateau in Northern Arizona, he found a great spot to view the famous Big Dipper in Ursa Major, the Big Bear. “I was fortunate to witness Ursa Major on a clear morning in the fall,” says Balou. “After watching the sun move across the sky, I felt a sense of completion. It felt like I had conquered the last of my questions, and was finally finished.” Having now visited seven locations, his trek is complete. “I have traveled more than I have ever thought possible,” says Balou. “The only regret is that I had to leave so soon. I will be back.”




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Poidsmystiquedes99nomsdallahpdf143 [Latest]

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