Boutique cabins

The boutique cabins at the wine village offer a different and unique hosting experience. From the very first moment you are bound to relax and feel the tranquility of the wild Golan nature. The cabins, built & designed by the Kedem family, are spacious, calm and are open to couples only.


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Boutique cabins right at the heart of the Golan, local food and wine.

Cabins' guests enjoy fine food at the coffee place and a total wine experience throughout their stay.

The hosting experience includes unlimited Assaf wine, 2 Café Adika meals and a light dinner with dine local goat cheese, bread and vegetables. And some more delicious surprises…


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Breakfast is served daily between


Home-made brioche topped with spinach and cream and poached egg / Feta & Spinach Pastry with Fried Egg, Spicy Tomatoes and sour cream.



Lunch is served daily, at the visitors' center, until 16:00. Offering the fine foods of Adika Café, home-made breads, cheese, cold cuts and fish, pastries and tapas to complete our wine experience.


Evening snack

In the cabin fridge you will find fine cheese, vegetables and more goodies. And unlimited Assaf wines, as much as you wish. 


Hoping to see you with us!




stores / 


Mon.-Thu. 10:00-17:00

 Fri. 10:00-16:00

Sunday - The wine store is open by appointment



RD.91, 1 Kilometer norther from Nashot junction.

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